About Us

The Ode 2 Art Academy was founded by Fine Artist, Ed Salazar. He began his art education at St. Petersburg College in St. Petersburg, Florida. After moving to New York in the year 1984, he became an illustrator of Biblical and historical subjects for over 22 years. Salazar continued to develop his artistic skills through seminars and master fine artist courses, and he continues to paint regularly to this day with over 40 years of experience. Due to high demand, he decided to personally teach drawing and painting classes virtually. Many appreciated his technique and quality of instruction to the point there was a long waiting list. At that point he decided to include other qualified instructors to continue to offer this quality of instruction to additional students. In time, more classes were added such as Digital Art, 3D Animation and Architectural courses. Salazar is also a musician, so he also decided to offer music lessons, and more. The response from students from around the world has been overwhelmingly positive. The demand for additional skills and knowledge grew so extensively that the Ode 2 Art Academy was established.
What make us unique? Not only it’s wide variety of classes which are offered, but also the manner in which they are taught. Although teaching by means of recorded classes is available in some courses, most of the instruction is done live via Zoom, which allows students to receive homework, and personal critiques along with needed encouragement. This personalized attention is vital in a student’s growth.
Why the name Ode 2 Art Academy? An ode is an expression that praises an individual or an idea. The name Ode 2 Art Academy is fitting, since we offer a wide variety of art forms taught by experts in their respective fields, and all of these are expressions which are meant to elicit praise to the Arts, and foremost to its Originator, since art is a gift from above.
The class fees at the Ode 2 Art Academy are very reasonable compared to other reputable art academies and yet it offers so many more class options. Some classes are available in other languages such as Spanish, Italian, French, Korean and Ukrainian. There is a class for everyone who wishes to grow in the Arts.
We hope that you will benefit from this unique opportunity to unleash your artistic potential by enrolling at the Ode 2 Art Academy.