3D Animation Using Unreal Engine

Course Syllabus/ Description

In this class students will learn how to design 3D environments using the Unreal Engine in addition to learning and developing strategies for staging professional lighting, material shaders, physics simulations, rendering, exporting and composition. Students will also grow comfortable navigating 3D space, as well as designing and completing animations on their own.

  • PC Only
  • 2 Semesters for 14 months
  • $35/hour


Our Instructors


Staton Allen

Instructor Bio

“Hi! My name is Staton Allen, I am from the New York metropolitan area and have been in the 3D art field for 15 years. I have worked on commercials, movie trailers, magazines, and many other projects that I am proud of. I not only have a passion for 3D animation, but also for teaching, and I am so excited to watch both new and experienced 3D artists grow their passion as well.”


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