Architectural Rendering

Course Syllabus/ Description

This self-guided course is exactly the same as the live “Architectural Modeling and Rendering” course, except you can do it at your own time and pace by working along with the recorded lesson videos.

Like my other Blender courses, this course too will keep to the most basic modeling tools so as not to overwhelm the students but to become confident in a very short time.
And yet we will learn to model a great variety of items with those basic tools.

This course turned out to be by far the most popular one one of all my Blender courses, so far I have conducted 12 classes.
Architectural Renderings are a photorealistic representation of what the building will look like in real life, according to the blueprints.
In this course you will acquire enough modeling skills to be able to earn a side income with Architectural Rendering.


You won’t need to have any experience in architecture, but a healthy interest in it would be beneficial.
You must have taken my free Blender Trial Lesson, available through this link:

You need a good gaming laptop or a computer with a dedicated graphics card (Blender seems to prefer Nvidia cards).
A mouse with a scroll wheel is a must, tablets or a stylus of any kind are neither useful nor needed for this course.

How much does it cost?

Monthly Subscription (6 months) :
Payable through PayPal at the beginning of the month for the full month.
$25.00 U.S. per lesson video,
(Total $675.00 USD) or

One-time payment for the entire course:
$20.00 U.S. per lesson video.
(Total $540.00 USD).

The entire course consists of 27 session videos plus the free trial lesson.
There will be no additional costs involved.

With any option you choose I will be available for one-on-one help if needed.

The different subjects we will cover are:

Importing and sizing plans for reference
Modeling the exterior walls
Modeling the interior walls
Modeling the floors
Modeling the roof
Cutting out exterior window and door openings
Cutting out interior door openings
Sourcing and applying realistic textures
Modeling the windows
Modeling functioning doors
Building the staircase
Modeling porch and patio, gutter & moulding
Setting up the environment and exterior lighting
Starting to model the landscape, render settings, first renderings
Using Blenderkit for importing trees and plants
Multiple cameras, viewpoint tips
Building kitchen cabinets
Installing supplied kitchen, interior lighting
Furnishing living room, interior renderings
Basic camera walk-through animation