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Hello! My name is Sarah. I am one of the ASL instuctors. Reaching out to learn a new language is very commendable! I’m very excited to take this leap with you! In the class with me you will be able to get a introduction, and a foundation in American Sign Language to use for any avenue of service, or for work as a interpreter. Our class is very interactive between student and teacher. We will be implementing many of the teaching styles, and methods the Branch uses to teach Foreign Language Classes to our Brothers and Sisters around the world!

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Sarah Shoemate

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I have grown up in the ASL Congregation, serving there for 7 years and going through the FLC Classes having been taught by the Branch. I have had the priviledge of working as a ASL Teacher for 5 years now. I have a Bachelor Degree in Teaching. as well as a teaching certificate in American Sign Language.

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