Music in the Digital Age

Course Syllabus/ Description

Learn the basics of how to write music. If you are starting from scratch this is the course for you.

Learn scales and keys, chord progressions, rhythm, and structure.

Learn how to create and use basic templates and use them to inspire your music making adventures.

Learn from watching my workflow as I create some orchestral arrangements straight into the DAW.The class will show Orchestral Music, but no worries if it’s not your cup of tea because you’ll get the basic knowledge to create your own songs and genre. 

What Will You Learn?
• Essential understanding of digital audio formats & programs (DAW), studio hardware as monitors, sound card and midi keyboards
• Samples specific to Orchestra genre but also for your own
• How to use samples, midi instruments & samplers
• How to sequence your midi instruments and samplers
• How to lay down basic song structure and create a melody using midi
• How to use harmony and how to produce in a key
•Basic theory and how to adjust volumes on the mixer
• How to EQ your tracks, use basic midi FX and compression skills
The course spans over a few months and is divided into 3 modules.
Module 1 | Set Your Studio
Module 2 | Learn the Tools – Introduction to Music Programming
Module 3 | Let your Creative Process Flow
In module 1, you will be learning about midi technology, how & why to use a sequencer, how to use virtual instruments and samples. 
In module 2, we talk about workflow, how to compose efficiently, what tools can help you to get to results quickly. We use Cubase in the class, I encourage students to use the same program so they follow me along the class and learn quicker! More info here:
In module 3, we will learn about basic music theory to compose. Then we will be creating the sketch, composing, and orchestrating.
There are assignments since the classes are every two weeks. 
A class is 45 min theory and 15 minutes of questions & answers or practice about the lesson. 
How much does it cost? 
It’s a beginner course spread over 12 hours. 12 classes of 1 hour. 1 hour of class every two weeks. 
We decided to do that so it wouldn’t be too expensive for the friends! There are assignments between classes. 
It would go this way: 
Week one: 1hr class 
Week three: 1h class 
35$ per hr and a total of 420$ for the course. 
What are the requirements? 
Some basic computer skills. Cubase Element, it’s the program we use to write music, a midi keyboard, and some good headphones or monitors. 
Who am I? You can watch and listen to some videos here:
Recorded version
All classes are also recorded, so you won’t miss any important information ! 
Here is the subscription form if you are interested:


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