Fundamentals of Drawing

Course Syllabus/ Description

Anyone who lacks confidence in drawing or feels there are gaps in their drawing experience will love our Fundamentals of Drawing course.
During the 1-year course, students will learn a wide range of
fundamental drawing skills including: scale; proportion;
crosshatching; an understanding of how light affects form; drawing
from life; 1-point, 2-point, and atmospheric perspectives; composition rules and planning; thumbnail sketches; and an introduction to
portraiture. In every class the instructor will demonstrate a skill used to create a new drawing, students will follow in class with
instructor feedback as desired, and any unfinished work can be completed before the next class. Drawings include everyday objects,
animals, trees, landscape, still-life, cityscape, and drawing portraits from your imagination, and you will draw a realistic
portrait of a person of your choosing!

Class is held once every other week for 1 hour, $25 per class, and
payment of $50 is made monthly.

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Bargue Drawing Course

Fundamentals of
Drawing Course

Class Schedule

30 minute class (every other week)

1-hour class (every other week)

Class Size

Max 4 students

Max 9 students

Class Structure

Thorough critique of each student’s homework assignment then receive a new assignment

New lesson each class, draw along with instructor, brief critique, finish assignment for homework


3-15 hours

1-3 hours

Assignment Types

Duplicate challenging classical drawings in 1:1 scale (Bargue plates)

Duplicate in 1:1 scale, draw from life, learn 1-point, 2-point, and atmospheric perspective, learn how light influences form, communicate a variety of textures, learn rules of composition and portraiture.

Assignment Subjects

Classical statues (hands, feet, arms, faces, and heads)

Everyday objects,

animals, trees, landscape, still-life, cityscape, drawing portraits from your imagination and from models, and realistic

portrait of a person of your choosing


Our Instructors


Lindy Maio

Instructor Bio

Lindy has been a graphic designer for over 25 years but in recent years has switched her focus to fine arts. Charcoal, acrylic, oil, and digital painting are her areas of specialty. Though she has always been drawn to fine art since childhood, she firmly believes training and practice are what make an artist, not just genes. She continues her own studies to grow as an artist while teaching the Bargue drawing course, Young Artist drawing course, and the one-week Introduction to Drawing workshop. Her students describe her as an encouraging, patient, and kind instructor. No matter your level of artistic ability, you are sure to grow in her class!

Contact Info

Instagram: @LindyMaioArt

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Apple Pay, PayPal, and Zelle



Sofia S. Kang

Instructor Bio

I have been teaching the Bargue Drawing Course for one year and have received instruction in oil painting under the guidance of Ed Salazar and Chris Kolupski. I have my own studio where I’ve been working on commissions in oil, and to explore and play, which is what art is about. I love going to art museums where my preference is in post-impressionist art and the Italian Renaissance, among others. It is a pleasure to help you on your artistic journey and share with you the passion for art, a gift from God.

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Payment Methods

Zelle, Cashapp, Paypal