Biblical Hebrew

Course Syllabus/ Description

Beginning: The introductory class is for students with little to no exposure to the Hebrew language. You will learn to identify, pronounce, and write all of the Hebrew letters and vowels and develop a basic understanding of the Hebrew language. By the end of the course, you will read portions of the Hebrew Scriptures with some fundamental comprehension.

Basic  –  Intermediate: (prerequisite: cursory knowledge of Hebrew Aleph-bet and vowels) This class builds on basic language skills and includes grammatical structures and additional vocabulary. With the aid of a text, we practice for mastery, read short stories, and do guided reading of the Book of Ruth.

Class Materials

– Laptop or tablet with Zoom account; (connecting by phone is not recommended)

– Lined paper or digital platform for writing Hebrew letters  

  • Intermediate class will also use a textbook: The First Hebrew Primer by Ethelyn Simon, Linda Motzkin, et al. | Jan 1, 1991

Proposed Schedule (Waitlist forming) Group sessions: US Fridays at 7 PM EST, UK Fridays 7 PM, Private tutoring available 

Our Instructors



My name is Renée, and I am a life-long learner and certified language teacher. I have been teaching students and mentoring other language instructors for over 20 years. My passion is Biblical Hebrew, language learning, and student success! 

Join me, as we explore the beautiful Hebrew language. Deepen your understanding—and give depth and life to your personal study of the Hebrew Scriptures!

Instructor Bio

Renée Speigner, M.Ed. University of Arizona
Professional educator in language acquisition
Bible and Hebrew, English, ESL
Highly-qualified teacher certification
Ten +  years of Hebrew

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Instructor: Renée Speigner, M.Ed. University of Arizona