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Course Syllabus/ Description

This course if focused on the practical aspects of your financial life, whether for business or personal. It’s designed to teach you the important elements you need to pay attention to. We will cover the following subjects:
1) Business Structures – The different types, advantages and disadvantages, tax implications.
2) Basic Accounting – This is a practical look at some of the key elements you need to watch to stay in control. We will discuss decisions that have tax implications.
3) Taxation – This is one of the most important discussions. How does the tax code work? How does it affect accumulation? Ways to minimize your tax burden
4) Debt and Liquidity – Here we will look at an approach to managing debt and improving your access to capital. This applies on both a business and personal level.
5) Retirement Accounts – Types of accounts. How much should you contribute? Pitfalls of retirement accounts. How to structure your account to reduce or eliminate taxes
6) Will, Trusts and DPA’s – Here we will discuss critical planning tools and making sure they reflect what you want. Which should you have? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Our Instructors


Mark Coker

Instructor Bio

I started in Business and Finance in High School taking courses in Accounting, Business, Business Law, etc. Over the past 20 years I’ve worked as the Financial Controller for large capital construction projects. The work involved setting schedules of values, optimizing cash flow, profit & loss analysis and optimizing billing units to increase profits. The jobs ranged from hundreds of thousands to larger projects nearly 100 million. The work was interesting, fast paced and often stressful.

More recently I’ve been working with businesses and families to help them become more efficient with their finances. Helping them with the structures and approaches to minimize taxes so they keep more of what they work so hard to make. By becoming more efficient businesses become more profitable, families can save and often with no reduction in lifestyle.

Reducing taxes, both in your working years and in retirement is one of the most important things you can do. This is affected by the business structure you choose, how you save for retirement, how you manage debt and other factors. What most people don’t realize is the tax code is setup to maximize the taxes you pay, and there are good ways to reduce them significantly.

Planning for retirement is also crucial. With an efficient approach you can retire in the 0% tax bracket. The key is to understand that everyone already has a plan. It’s either the plan the government has already setup for you, or the one you design and implement.Contact Info

cell: 360.630.0573

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