CAD – Essentials of Architectural Drafting

Course Syllabus/ Description

In this course, students will learn the essentials of CAD with a view to architectural drafting: drawing blueprints that are used in obtaining building permits and construction.
No experience is needed: Students will progress from basic commands for drawing simple shapes, to being able to draw a complete set of architectural plans for homes and other buildings.

Prerequisites: Basic computer skills. (If unskilled, please contact for more information about preliminary classes on computer basics.)

Equipment needed: PC (recommended) or MAC; Laptop or Desktop, mouse with mouse wheel

Software: Free CAD program available (AutoCAD equivalent)

Class length: 1 hour, once a week

Program length: 9 months, next class to be determined- December

Price: $40/hour class

No charge for software

Our Instructors

Glenn Jones

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Instructor: Kenneth Jones

Kenneth Jones is a senior-level drafter with 17+ years of drafting experience.
He graduated from Island Drafting and Technical Institute in 2005, and has worked on building plans that encompass residential and light commercial structures.
He has worked on RBC and LDC, and also has experience with filing building permits and zoning code.

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Payment Method

Zelle, CashApp, Venmo