Card Art

Course Syllabus/ Description

This class will focus on drawing and colors notions. We will work also on composition.
We will paint mainly quaint scenes and old villages, from references, but aslo some floral elements. You will be able to create illustrations and watercolor sketches.
This class is beginner friendly with drawing and watercolor.


The class is a session of 2:00 hours, each week.
Student can choose to assist the class on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (please choose only one day). So for a given month, there will be 4 sessions of 2 hours (8 hours in total).
In general, the class is set at 9:00am-11am PST (i.e 12-2pm EST / 5:00-7:00pm UK / 6:00-8:00pm Europe).
In some case, the schedule of the class could be adjusted if required by students ; if you live in EST time zone, I can also set the class starting at 9:00 or 10:00am EST if prefered). Just contact me and ask.


The cost is 140$/month, for the standard cursus (4 weeks regular class).
You can make the registration here :

Students can also assist a single session for 40$ whenever they want.
You can make the registration here :

Our Instructors



Instructor Bio

My name is Alain (or Alan), I am a brother from France.
I served in chinese field for a few years, now back in the french field.
I used to paint with watercolors for years now, and love to paint in studio or “Plein-air” (outside).
I teach 3 different classes in the O2AA :
Card Art / Bargue’s Drawing & Wash / Traditionnal Watercolor

You can see some of my paintings & classes demonstration here :

Contact Info / Whatsapp : +33 601041829

Payment Methods

Paypal or Credit card