Computer Basics

Course Syllabus/ Description

At the Computer Basics Class for Windows 10 (Windows 11 class is available, Mac & Linux is in planning), you will start hands-on with simple, keyboard, mouse and system navigation, coupled with homework provided to practice during convenient personal time. We then expand into using your web browser to get software plus related files for your needs, including classes offered at the Ode 2 Art Academy. We move on to searching the PC for items, organize your files, programs, addons, etc. and perform some preventative maintenance and troubleshooting. In seven sessions, once a week, you will gain confidence and basic skills to develop on and transfer to any future computer-related projects


Our Instructors

Instructor: Dan Ushctenko

I have been involved with Apple Macs as a certified technician since 2003. My ongoing experience with computers started in 1997 and covers Mac, Windows and a few flavours of Linux

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PayPal in US, PayPal or Wire transfer in Canada