Creative Photography

Course Syllabus/ Description

Instructor: Julie Hill; Phone: 210-316-7523 (also on WhatsApp); Email:
How: Via Zoom (info sent upon registration)
Class Length and Duration: 1 day per week; 1-1.5 hours long; 4-6 months duration

Tuition: $30 (USD) per class; Payable at the beginning of each month

Payment Methods: CashApp; Zelle; Venmo; Paypal

Overview: This class begins with the fundamentals of digital photography and guides you into becoming a
skilled Creative Photographer. Whether you are new to photography or have been photographing for a while
now and just want to sharpen your photography skills, then this class is for you. This course will give you a
great foundation into the art of photography.
Topics include:
 Camera Basics (Learn about your Camera, the Modes and Dials, Raw/JPEG, Aperture/Shutter speed/ISO)
 Understanding how Light works in photography
 Focal Distance / Lenses
 Composition/ Storytelling
 Photography Styles
 Posing
 Post-production / Basic Lightroom
 And more

Skill Level: This class is intended for those new to digital photography as well as those wanting to hone their
skills in capturing beautiful pictures
In this course you will learn by ‘classroom’ instruction, but then you will put this into practice by taking your
own photos and submitting examples each week so you can learn by doing. Interactive engagement is
encouraged and active participation in class discussions helps all to learn and enjoy the process.

 DSLR Camera Lens (s)
 Method to join class via Zoom
 Google Classroom
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Our Instructors


Julie Hill

Instructor Bio

Fun loving and engaging, award winning photographer Julie Hill loves interacting with clients and people in general to celebrate “today”. Self-taught, she has been honing her skills for over 20 years and opened her professional photography business in 2005. In harmony with celebrating life her company “Capture la Vie images” literally means capture the life…. a goal Julie tries to do in all her work. Traveling the world when possible, Julie has captured hundreds of ‘destination’ events and has developed a portfolio showcasing beautiful people, wildlife and landscapes from across the globe.
Julie has photographed clients such as basketball legend George Gervin, actress Ara Celi, SA Spurs Silver Dancers (Cheerleaders), UTSA Roadrunner Cheerleaders, the LA Music Awards, and various Modeling Agencies. Julie has also partnered with national and local corporations such as Olive Garden, Jason’s Deli, T.J. Maxx, La Cantera Hill Country
Resort, PW Power Systems, Journey to Motherhood and multiple real estate agencies.

Contact Info

Phone: 210-316-7523 (also on WhatsApp); Email:

Payment Methods

CashApp; Zelle; Venmo; Paypal