Digital Art 6 Months

Class Description

Digital Art 6-month 
In this class, students will get a firm grasp on how to use essential fundamental techniques on a digital medium through live classes and assignments.

Throughout the 6 months, students will learn about shape, value, edge control and color theory, as well as perspective and anatomy through a digital medium.
Fee per class
$35usd per class
System Requirements
I personally use Photoshop, however everything covered will be applicable to almost all painting softwares. I recommend Procreate, Clip Studio Paint, or Krita.
How many classes per month
2 classes per month
Length of each class
1 hour
Duration of course
6 months
(My classes are currently full, I have no availability slots) However I have limited slots for private 1-on-1 classes.
Preferred method of Payment


Our Instructors

Kim Capone

Anthie Papanikolaou

Brief Biography 
Hi! I’m Anthie. I am a freelance artist from Sydney, Australia. I have been professionally creating digitally for 6+ years under the alias ‘ShiftyStorm.’
I absolutely love what I do and am excited to teach you everything I know so far!
Telephone number/whatsapp
+61 4 2145 0679