Environments & Animation in Unreal Engine 5

Course Syllabus/ Description

Environments and Animation in Unreal Engine 5
PC with Windows 10 64-bit
Quad-Core Intel or AMD processor
8 GB of RAM
A Dedicated Graphics Card with Direct X 12 Support
(nVidia or ATI cards made within 3 years with the latest drivers are usually sufficient)
The Unreal Course uses features in Unreal which require up-to-date drivers for the graphics card.
Price $30/per hour long class
Course Length – TBD
Time: Mondays, 6:00pm CST
Class Synopsis:

In this class students will learn how to design 3D environments using the Unreal Engine in addition to learning and developing strategies for staging professional lighting, material shaders, physics simulations, rendering, exporting and composition. Students will also grow comfortable navigating 3D space, as well as designing and completing animations on their own.

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