Free Blender Trial Lesson

Course Syllabus/ Description

Hi Folks,

you have probably seen the Blender Course Series that is offered here at the Ode2Art Online Academy.
The Blender courses on offer so far are:

– Blender Introductory Course (3 months)
– Architectural Modeling and Rendering in Blender (6-1/2 months – by far the most popular Blender course)
– Building the Tabernacle in Blender (6 months)
– Building a first-Century House in Blender (6 months)

Most likely you have found one or more courses among them that interest you, (many students have taken all three 6-month courses) but may have wondered if you can handle such an adventure.

That’s why we decided to let you download a full-hour basic trial lesson for absolutely free, to experience the relaxed pace, and after trying it out on your own, you are in a much better position to decide if you want to go for a full course or not.

You can download the free trial lesson via this link:


(and this holds true for ALL Ode2Art courses)

If you enjoyed the free lesson and have decided you would like to take a course, select the course in the “Browse Classes” section and click a button that says “Add to My Classes”.
DON”T LET THAT SCARE YOU, you are not committed to buy anything at that point.
All it does is get you to a page that shows a list of the course, or courses, you are interested in, nothing more.

Then you are asked to click the button “Submit Reque4st”, and here again, NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT, you don’t have to pay or commit to anything.
All this button does is give you access to putting in your contact information which will then be forwarded to the instructor, and you can ask questions or request more information.
The payment arrangements will be made with the instructor personally after he or she gets back to you.

So, go for it, enjoy the free class and we are looking forward to hear from you 🙂

Take care,