Course Syllabus/ Description

This Hindi course will mainly focus on enhancing your Hindi speaking, so that we can ultimately have a goal to talk with Hindi people to share our “words” naturally. 

Hence, the period of course will be flexibly decided according to each learner’s needs & situation. To understand your needs with your Hindi level, we will have a first lesson for detailed understanding. 

After considering your needs and level, we will consider to have some additional assignments or materials for everyday self-learning if it is needed. 

We will discuss what materials would be the best for your learning grammar in Hindi speaking and I will provide some recommendable sources according to your needs.

Each lesson costs $21 (USD for 30 minutes if individual) and $18 (USD for 30 minutes if in group). 

The duration of the course starts with 4 months, it can be continued according to your needs. 


For better progress, we encourage you to take 1 lesson per week. The student will pay the lesson fee right after each lesson via PayPal. 

Should you be interested, please send me a WhatsApp text to +91 9022489314 to understand:

–          your approach to languages

–          time and day 


Our Instructors


Vijaya Stephen

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