Introduction to Biblical Hebrew and Beginning Biblical Hebrew 1

Course Syllabus/ Description

1. Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

Are you interested in learning to read the Hebrew Scriptures in the original language? Learn to LOVE Biblical Hebrew – and look forward to your personal study. Join us as we explore this beautiful language and learn to read and comprehend Biblical Hebrew. You will learn the Hebrew alphabet and consonants through a series of lessons, with guided practice in what you have learned. Then, you will quickly apply your knowledge to Hebrew words in the Bible. Finally, using Bible verses, you learn word and sentence structure of the Hebrew language.

At the end of the course, you will have a solid foundation and beginning reading skills in Biblical Hebrew.

Course Objectives
Learn to identify, pronounce, and write the Hebrew letters and vowels
Read and understand Hebrew vocabulary and simple sentences
Understand the basics of the Hebrew language
Read portions of the Hebrew Scriptures with some fundamental comprehension

Format: ZOOM
Anticipated start date: September 22, 2022 (based on class minimum)
Section One: Fridays, 11 AM MST, 7 PM GMT; other sections available based on class minimum
Class length: 1.5 – 2 hours bimonthly
Cost: $40 / class session payable monthly
Private session information available upon request

Instructor: Renée Speigner, M.Ed. University of Arizona

2. Beginning Biblical Hebrew 1

Course Objectives
This course builds on Introduction to Biblical Hebrew using an easy-to-follow method. First, students review the Aleph-Bet and consonants, adding new grammatical concepts not covered in the Introductory class. Then, step by step, the student will focus on sequential small sections of basic grammar and common Biblical vocabulary. Progression is simple and easy with reinforcement through many practice drills, reading and writing exercises, and guided reading, including sections of the Book of Ruth.

Format: ZOOM
Prerequisite: Introductory Hebrew course or elementary knowledge of the Aleph-Bet and consonants
Anticipated start date: September 23, 2022 based on class minimum
Class length: 1 hour weekly (allowing for questions, practice, and discussion)
Proposed time: Fridays, 3 PM MST, 5 PM CST, 6 PM EST
Class length: 1.5 – 2 hours bimonthly
Cost: $40 / session payable monthly



Our Instructors


Renée Speigner

Instructor Bio

Renée Speigner, M.Ed. University of Arizona
Career teacher with 30 years experience teaching English Language Arts and English as a Second Language, Bible topics, and various Hebrew subjects
Highly-qualified teacher certification in English and Sheltered English Immersion (ESL)
Nine years of education in Biblical Hebrew language and subjects at the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland and one year of Modern Hebrew language at the University of Minnesota

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Instagram: @harpistaj

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