Course Syllabus/ Description

Drawing on over 15 years of teaching experience and the best research in education and neuroscience, this communication-centric course is designed to get you speaking the language immediately and store what you’ve learned in long-term memory. Whether your goal is to travel to Japan, understand Japanese shows without subtitles, or to volunteer with your local Japanese community, this course will build your core skills and help you to construct your own intuitive understanding of the language.
The beginner class is a 70-minute class designed to take students from zero to fluency in two years. Students are welcome to take classes for less or more time than that, but the goal is that by the end of two years, you will be comfortable and fluent in daily conversation.
The intermediate class is for students who are already able to converse at a basic level and who want to refine their skills and knowledge. Much of the class time is spent in discussion and
conversation practice which we use to clarify grammatical structures and learn new vocabulary.
Private tutoring is also available, but spots are limited. Please inquire for details regarding availability and to be added to the waitlist.
Current class times:
Beginner: Tuesday 4:50PM-6:00PM Pacific Time / 7:50PM-9:00PM Eastern Time / (Wed) 12:50AM-2:00AM UK Time (Started July 26)

Beginner: Tuesday 6:50PM-8:00PM Pacific Time / 9:50PM-11:00PM Eastern Time / (Wed) 2:50AM-4:00AM UK Time (Started March 8)

Beginner: Thursday 3:00PM-4:10PM Pacific Time / 6:00PM-7:10PM Eastern Time / 11:00PM-12:10AM UK Time (Started March 10)

Beginner: Friday 10:00AM-11:10AM Pacific Time / 1:00PM-2:10PM Eastern Time / 6:00PM-7:10PM UK Time (Waitlist open; start date pending)

Beginner: Friday 1:30PM-2:40PM Pacific Time / 4:30PM-5:40PM Eastern Time / 9:30PM-10:40PM UK Time (Currently enrolling; starts September 16)

Beginner: Friday 3:00PM-4:10PM Pacific Time / 6:00PM-7:10PM Eastern Time / 11:00PM-12:10AM UK Time (Started February 18)

Intermediate: Thursday 4:50PM-6:00PM Pacific Time / 7:50PM-9:00PM Eastern Time / (Wed) 12:50AM-2:00AM UK Time (Started March 10)

Class materials:
– One laptop or tablet per person if possible, connecting by phone is not recommended
– A large notebook and colored pens or pencils -OR- a note-taking app that allows you to draw and zoom in and out
– A pack of balloons -OR- a stress ball -OR- rolled up socks
– A working knowledge of hiragana and katakana
Group classes – $30 per 70-minute class
Private tutoring – $60 per one-hour session
Family discount:
Each additional student from the same household may attend classes for 50% off the usual price.
Billing is on a minute credit system, billed in blocks of four classes payable upfront. The preferred method of payment is Zelle for US students and Wise for international students, but PayPal, Google Pay, and credit or debit card are also accepted.
Cancellation is free with 24 hours’ notice and your credits will carry over.
If you choose to join a class that has already started, I will be happy to share the previous class slides with you. I would also recommend booking a few tutoring sessions to catch up on what the class has already covered.


Our Instructors


Rachel Lei Bishop

Instructor Bio

Hello! My name is Rachel, or Lei-Sensei.

I’m here to help you speak Japanese fluently and confidently, and to answer your questions like “How can I be consistent with my studying?” “How can I build my vocabulary?” and “What actually IS the difference between wa and ga?”

I was born and raised in Japan, and as a bilingual I have a lifelong fascination with seeing the language through two lenses: as a native Japanese speaker, and as an English speaker.
My teaching approach draws on both these perspectives to help you understand Japanese as natives do, explained in ways that make sense to you as a non-native.

I also love sharing the unique culture and history of Japan, and could spend all day talking about the great ramen debate, the role of nature in the Japanese mentality and language, and what exactly the samurai were doing that one time they visited the Spinx.

I currently live in Seattle with an ever-growing number of plants and my coworker who is a cat.


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Payment Methods

Zelle, Wise, PayPal, Credit/Debit Card