Jewelry Design

Course Syllabus/ Description

1. Introduction to Jewelry Making
• Tools and Materials
•Basic Techniques for Working with Sterling Silver, gold, copper and brass.
2. Wire Jewelry
• Wire Types and Gauges
• Basic Wire Techniques (e.g., forming loops, making wire wraps) •Creating Simple Wire Earrings and Pendants
3. Chain Making
•Chain Types and Sizes
•Basic Techniques for Chains
•Creating Simple Chain Necklaces and Bracelets
4. Basic Metalworking and Soldering
• Introduction to Metalworking Tools
• Basic Techniques for Cutting, Soldering, and Finishing Creating Simple Rings, Bracelets, and Earrings using
Metalworking and Soldering Techniques
5. Sheet Metal Work
Sheet Metalworking Tools
Basic Techniques for Cutting, Texturing, and Shaping Metal
Creating Simple Sheet Metal Pendants and Earrings
6. Stone Setting
• Introduction to Stone Setting Techniques
• Basic Techniques for Prong, Bezel, and Flush Setting in •Creating Simple Stone Set Rings, Pendants, and Earrings
7. Advanced Approaches to Design
Duration of course: 6 months
Duration of each class: 1 hour
How many classes per month: 4
Cost of class: $25
Day and time: Monday and friday 9pm EST

Our Instructors


Michael Hogan

Instructor Bio

Michael Hogan was taught to make jewelry by his father Emerson Hogan. His father taught fine art and jewelry making at Howard University and the University of Maryland. Eventually Michael started designing jewelry for the Smithsonian Museum of African art.
When he moved to New York City in 1999 he became fascinated with diamonds and fine jewelry. He merged his classical training in the visual arts with his understanding of metals and design. This eventually led to him designing custom-made pieces for private clients, celebrities and other jewelry retailers.
Michael currently designs and hand makes each of his original designs from beginning to end from scratch. He also collaborates with other artisans with over 40 years of experience to help manufacture his current collection.