Little Artists


The Little Artist Class is a spiral curriculum where the fundamentals of art are studied in greater and greater depth according to the individual child’s development. Concepts such as values, composition and proportion are covered using hands on activities, exercises and games designed to encourage motor development, increase artistic awareness, build vocabulary, and last but not least, improve drawing skills which are the foundation of artistic expression. This class is ideal for children four to eight years old but may be fun and beneficial for children slightly older or younger than that. The class does not have a specific start date and may be joined at any time.

Our Instructors

Gabriele Bentley

Gabriele Bentley has always loved art. Growing up in a small mountain town, she was privileged to be raised by parents who nursed her inborn love of the natural world, and it’s designer. Based on her artwork as a young person, she earned a Scholarship to the Savana Collage of Art and Design, a full scholarship to an other school of her choice and an offer of private patronage with no apparent limitations, among other opportunities. She did not pursue art in that way, however, and enjoyed drafting for her father (a skilled architect, and many say, artist) and further exploring the world through volunteer work.

Gabriele is enthusiastic about many forms of art, but is especially drawn to art that highlights the beauty and scientific complexity of nature, encourages the observer to see the world or something in it in a new way, expresses an undeniable truth or evokes powerful emotions. Gabriele, who has a B.A. in education, loves teaching all subjects and has taught in several venues including private tutoring and lessons, homeschool for her own children and other families and a charter Montessori school. She is grateful for the opportunity to study and teach at Ode2Art Academy. She loves working with all ages and skill levels and is exited to start a new learning journey with you.

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