Making a Scene in Blender (self guided)

Course Syllabus/ Description

Have you ever tried to create a picture and found out that you can only draw stick men?
No worries, then this course is for you!
I show you how you can create stunning photorealistic images, you can tell everybody that you created them, and you wouldn’t even be lying!

“Making a Scene in Blender” is a bit of a “cheater course”, a shortcut to easily create your own images in Blender without having get into the modeling part of it.
You will learn how to do some very basic modeling, but just enough to get by, for some images you won’t even have to do any. It is so easy that it takes only a two month-course to learn the basics of creating stunning images in Blender.

The course is taking advantage of “Blenderkit”, which is an intergated add-on library that has thousands of free props you can load into a scene and move them around just like you would move props in a photo studio.
Cars, trees, houses, flowers, furniture – you can be just like a kid in a toy store and download whatever you want and put it into your scene and render it.

The images you see here is what you can expect to create, and more.

This self-guided course is exactly the same as the live “Making a Scene in Blender” course, except you can do it at your own time and pace by working along with the recorded lesson videos.

In conjunction with my three-month “Introduction to Blender” course, this course gives you an excellent head start if you decide to move up to any of my three full-feature Blender courses, which are:

“Architectural Modeling and Rendering in Blender”,
“Modeling the Tabernacle in Blender”, and
“Modeling a First-Century House in Blender”.


You must have taken my free Blender Trial Lesson, available through this link:

You need a good gaming laptop or a computer with a dedicated graphics card (Blender seems to prefer Nvidia cards).
A mouse with a scroll wheel is a must, tablets or a stylus of any kind are neither useful nor needed for this course.

How much does it cost?

Monthly Subscription (2 months) :
Payable through PayPal at the beginning of the month for the full month.
$25.00 U.S. per lesson video,
(Total $200.00 USD) or

One-time payment for the entire course:
$20.00 U.S. per lesson video.
(Total $160.00 USD).

There will be no additional costs involved.
The entire course consists of 8 weekly sessions plus the free trial lesson.

The way all my courses work is that you watch what I’m doing during class, then I will send you a full-length video of the complete lesson and your homework is to work along with the video to build what I built, but on your own time and at your own convenience.
If you miss a class that should be no problem because you would still get the video and watch it as if you would have been there.
The greater number of my students take the entire course just by watching the videos without attending.
This way there are no scheduling problems and you can go on vacation any time you want during the course without missing anything.
There is no pressure to keep up with the course if you fall back.
You will have all the videos in your possession to complete or re-do the course whenever you want.