Piano / Keyboard

Course Syllabus/ Description

Courses are one on one using Zoom. Students will need a piano or keyboard. I can recommend a course book for various skill levels. Classes can be taught in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

$30 per half hour , $50 per hour

Our Instructors


Pearl Lau

Instructor Bio

I started learning piano at the age of 8. I live in Hong Kong
and have been teaching piano to students of different ages for
over ro years. My certifications include ABRSM grade 8 and
ATCL performance diploma. I teach music theory and am
skilled at using various methods to help students cultivate an
interest and love of music. 90 percent of my students who
took the ABRSM exam received distinguished honors.


Mobile / WhatsApp:

HK: Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat 7-10am,
4-9 pm
USA (EST) : 4-9am, 7-10 pm(for
students in US / Europe)
Other times may be available. Please inquire.
Payment: PayPal, Xoom
Payment can be made a month
in advance or on the day of
lesson/ weekly
$30/half hour


Johny Torres

My name is Johny M Torres. I come from a musical family and started learning piano around the age of seven. Some of my early memories of music include playing kingdom songs at our congregation meetings in the Philippines. My family owned a small record business for a
time and I was introduced to classical and jazz music. Later, I was able to complete formal schooling at local university where I also taught music for several years. My musical skill also took me abroad to Japan and Hong Kong where I worked as a pianist. I have experience in composition, music theory, art of accompaniment, and improvisation. Currently I focus on teaching piano and enjoy sharing the gift of music with our friends around the world.

Course Information
Classes are one on one using Zoom. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced students are welcome. Currently my youngest student is 9 and oldest 80. I offer half hour and hour sessions which can be held every week or according to the student’s schedule. The student will need a piano or keyboard. I can suggest course books which can be ordered online
according to the student’s needs. Our songbook and lead sheets for original songs on jw.org would also be helpful. The course is flexible and can be tailored to the student’s interests including a focus on popular, jazz, classical, or Kingdom/ original songs. 

Contact Information
Mobile/ WhatsApp: 1-848-218-8171
Email: johtorrespno@gmail.com
IG: @pianistnj

Mon, Tues , Wed 1 – 10 pm
Sat 7-10pm
Other times may be available upon special request. Upon inquiry please mention the day
you would prefer and I will let you know my availability.
Time zone: Europe
Duration: ongoing/ dependent upon student

Apple Pay, Zelle, PayPal
Zoom ID / password will be provided upon registration
Payment for classes can be made a month in advance or on the day of class.


Angel Fernandez Martín