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Rachelle Meyer

Rachelle Meyer Majored in Art with a minor in Music Theory, Singing and Piano. She trained in Voice with the Portland Opera and teaches many styles including Jazz, Classical, Rock, Pop, Alternative, R&B and more. Rachelle has been a teacher of all ages and levels for over 20 years. She has taught Music & Art for preschools, grades 3-6, and tutored teens and adults at Community and Cultural Centers in Oregon. She also taught Show Choir with the Voices for the Performing Arts and acted as Artistic Director of the Dance & Art Program with the Meyer School of Fine Arts – as well as acting as Teacher, Marketing Specialist, and Backstage Manager for several private schools including Sherwood Dance Academy, Lake Oswego Dance, and several more. When she is not teaching she loves to volunteer with her husband in the Romanian Territory of their hometown in Oregon, as well as read and play with their two cats.


Whatsapp: 971-226-1166

$50 per hour, $40 per 45 m in, $30 per ½ hour


One class each week, (4 or 5 in a month depending on number of weeks)

1 Hour, 45 min, or 30 min Sessions available

Month to Month

Mon-Fri, Please contact Instructor for available time slots

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Course Description:

In Private Voice Sessions (ages 9-adult) we cover warm ups to help relax the muscles and voice box. Next we use exercises tailored for each student’s voice and level; these include proper breathing to support your voice and increase volume, vowel diction and placement, pitch control and ear training. You will also discover your best voice, style, and learn how to expand your range to sing your favorite songs.





Kim Sheets

Instructor Bio

Kim Sheets
I started teaching private voice in 1986 while getting my Bachelors of Vocal Music Education degree. I graduated from ASU in 1988. I am a member of NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing)
My vocal studio is mainly in my home and in the past I have also taught as an adjunct Voice Instructor at Lyon College for 3 1⁄2 years before I moved to Northeast Arkansas. In 2020 I switched to mostly virtual lessons. I have a background in, and love musical theater. I have been involved in performing as well as everything from set construction to directing the show. Also in college I performed in opera scene productions. I have sung in choirs since I was 11 years old and enjoy choral music as well.
I personally love to sing many styles old and new: Opera, Broadway, Pop, Country, Crooners, and still open to more.

Sheets Vocal Studio
I love teaching! In my studio I focus on good vocal technique that can be used to sing any style of music without harming the vocal instrument. When the voice is healthy and free, the
expressiveness and acting is easier to achieve. I work with ages 8 to 80! I do encourage a recital performance but it is not required. Every student will see progress according to how much they practice and apply the things learned. I want the teacher/student dynamic to be a good fit so I endeavor to understand each singer’s personality as well as their vocal potential. Good vocal technique fits every voice but the way I teach is personalized. I am experienced teaching beginning singers of all ages but also love working with and helping experienced singers as well.

Learning to sing beautifully without harming the voice.
Teach on Mondays and Thursdays $30/ lesson.

When a student starts lessons it is important to know WHY they want to take. They may want to……….
1. Learn to sing well by progressively building good vocal technique and confidence.
This is for the singer who has the patience to learn good vocal technique through singing exercises before applying it in a song.(#4 below is included) They will get a good foundation to sing any style of music. This would be on-going lessons
2. Work on one song for a special event performance.
This is vocal help for a specific performance. This could be a beginning singer or an experienced singer. This usually takes 2 to 6 lessons .
3. Help with specific vocal issues. This is to get help with issues such as; breath support, hoarseness, pain, expanding range, improving tone quality, gaining confidence and many more.

Lessons would continue until the issue is resolved which could be a few lessons or on-going, depending on progress.

4. To understand basic music notation, sight singing, and ear training (singing on key).
This can include help in understanding music notation, sight-reading notes and rhythms, ear training to match pitch, and more. Vocal technique or quality is not emphasized.
This would be 5 or more lessons depending on need.

Regular lessons are half an hour long unless the student wants or needs a full hour slot.
Regular lessons are $30. I do give a discount if more than one family member is taking.




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$30 per half hour lesson

Zelle preferred, paypal, checks




Dolores Paliocha

Phone (860)236-910


To develop individual style to reach a student’s highest potential as an artist


  • Juilliard School of Music NYC
  • American Academy of Dramatic Arts NYC
  • Hart College of Music CT
  • New School of Languages NYC

Performing Experience

  • Connecticut Opera
  • San Juan Public Television
  • Performing Solo Artist     Jazz Pop Musical Theater  Opera    NYC/ Los Angeles San Juan

Teaching Experience

  • Sony Music Entertainment NYC – Vocal Training for New Artists
  • Apollo Theater NYC Vocal Performance Judge
  • Music and Arts Vocal teacher Songwriting Teacher
  • Azara Production Studios – Vocal Audition Coach for call backs and Contestants on The Voice     and  Television commercials Music & Arts (2012 to 2021) – Vocal Lessons, Piano/Songwriting
  • Ode2Art Academy  (2021 to present) Vocal, Songwriting Private & GroupWorkshops   


  2022 Oniros Film Awards   New York Grand Jury Original Song Award   Best Main Theme

   Hart College of Music Musicianship Awards

Rates: 4 private lessons per month $125

Course Description – Teen Workshops and Adult Workshops

Beginners and Advanced Singers  – All Styles

Progressive Exercises and Performance Coaching to develop:

  • Pitch perfection and Proper breathing
  • Power – Supporting Your Voice With Your Body to Improve your Vocal Range
  • Ability to sing high notes flawlessly
  • Using fear to your advantage to sing with one voice from high to low without breaks
  • Beautiful Vocal Tonality and Vibrato      
  • Amazing R&B and Jazz licks, riffs and run
  • Advanced techniques  to feel confident and master every performance and audition