Course Syllabus/ Description

Duration of course 4 months each level (The course includes pronunciation, grammar, reading and writing techniques. But the main goal is this: for the student to be able to understand the Russian language and to communicate their thoughts in an understandable manner. I teach the language lessons in Russian. I use fun, creative assignments so that the students can immediately begin to speak and not shy away from engaging others in the Russian language. I also introduce students to the unique aspects of Russian culture, including Russian humor and current Russian lifestyles.)

Learning language on 4 vevels:

– Beginner
– Elementary
– Intermediate
– Upper Intermediate

Acquiring 3 language skills:

1) Speaking
2) Reading
3) Listening
(writing – optional)

Imroving important language components:
a) Vocabulary
b) Grammar

Providing with all nedded information, pictures, videos.

Constant encouragement and motivation to have a personal langauge learning on a regular basis.

Language test after each 10th lesson to review covered material and to see the progress.

Our Instructors


Olga Maslovskaya

Instructor Bio

My name is Olga. My native language is Russian. I was born and raised in Russia, and lived, studied and worked in Moscow. I successfully completed my course studies at Lomonosov Moscow State University with a degree in teaching Russian as a second language.
I have 10+ years experience as a tutor not limited to helping prepare children for their introduction to regular and specialized schooling as well as helping middle school children receive additional training. For the last 5 years I have been teaching Russian to bilingual children as well as to adults who want to learn Russian as a second language.

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Instructor Bio

My way of instructor started in 2015. That time I was learning English. I also had a great opportunity to improve my speaking skills. The people I talked to were from India, Africa and Morocco. Some of them also wanted Russian and Ukrainian. So I was helping them to learn such things as alphabet, greetings and elementary grammar.
Step by step, along with teaching English I got some experience in Russian and Ukrainian as well. It was easier because Russian is my first language and Ukrainian is my second one.
I am trying not to forget to keep my own language skills on a high level to be qualified as a teacher.

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+38 (093)987-55-37 (WhatsApp);

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