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Have you ever dreamed of playing the saxophone? Perhaps you thought it is difficult and expensive? I can try to dispel such beliefs. In fact, today you can find cheap saxophone and if you devote only a few hours a week to saxophone practicing, obviously soon you can play simple melodies.

I can show you the best way to memorize notes in music and understand rhythm. 99 percent labor and 1 percent talent are at the heart of any success. So with some effort, anyone can learn how to play the saxophone. I’ll be happy to help you with that. The lessons are available in English and Russian.

Cost: $45/lesson

Our Instructors


Alex Mos

Instructor Bio

Alex Mos (Alexander Moskalenko) is a professional saxophonist. He was born in 1985 in Kiev (Ukraine). He began to study music at the age of six, studying to play the piano. Two years later, he also began to learn to play the guitar. When he was 10 years old, he decided to add a third to the first two musical instruments – the saxophone. Seeing some success, he decided to study the saxophone professionally, enrolling in the Musical College in Kyiv. During those years (from 2000 to 2004), in addition to learning to play the saxophone and clarinet, he studied composition, arrangement and conducting.

After graduating from a Musical College, he entered the National Music Academy of Ukraine. During his years of study (from 2004 to 2012) at the Kyiv Conservatory he played a lot on the saxophone, piano, and also studied conducting and arrangement.

Alexander Moskalenko is a laureate of international competitions. He has toured in many cities of Ukraine as well as in countries such as Austria, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Egypt, Italy, China, Lebanon, Netherlands, Poland, Puerto Rico, USA, France and Switzerland.

During 10 years (2012-2022) he was a member of the Kiev Saxophone Quartet of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine. Alexander’s musical repertoire consists of different styles and genres. Since May 2020, he began organizing online concerts, as well as giving online saxophone lessons.

Since February 1st, 2022 lives and works in USA.