Course Syllabus/ Description

You will learn up-to-date Spanish, perfect accent, grammar and
spelling. You will also practice using idioms and “every day
Spanish” -the formal and informal real Spanish used in a
hispanic country.
In addition,we will occasionally have special conversation
sessions with other students.
My students start speaking spanish from the very firts class!
This is because my method is to help students learn
grammar, spelling, writing and conversation at the same
time in a simple way.
Don’t worry, it’s not boring! You will really enjoy the classes.
Let me know what your goals are and we can work
towards them together.

$40 for 45min.


Our Instructors


Magdy Alwardo

Instructor Bio

My first Languge is spanish and I was raised in Mexico. I lived there for more than 40 years, teaching over 20 years
in private schools.

Contact Info

I can be contacted at:


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