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A comprehensive approach to learning Swahili with minimal time commitment. We utilize our unique PAC20 system to help you achieve your Swahili goals and empower you to continue with your journey long after the course has ended.

Our Instructors


Karen Wanjiru-Stringer, Ph.D.

Instructor Bio

LSN was created in response to the glaring need for quality, affordable and convenient means of learning Swahili. In the recent years due to the rapidly changing geo-political conditions, there has been an influx of Swahili speaking refugees, among others, to the Western World.

As a result, thousands of volunteers have signed up to work among the refugees. LSN’s creator Karen Wanjiru Stringer, and her husband Scott have been working within the refugee communities in their home city of St. Louis, for about a decade now.

As a volunteer, she noticed that most English-speaking volunteers were struggling to find resources to help them learn Swahili. Using her experience as a native Swahili speaker, a college professor and an avid language learner herself, Karen set out to create a platform that would combine both quality and affordability into a convenient course that could be taken at one’s own pace.

This platform would become LSN. We truly hope that you find this space a place where you can continue to grow your love for Swahili speaking people and language. We look forward to helping you on your journey.

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Karen Wanjiru-Stringer, Ph.D.

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