By Raw Philosophie Plant-Based Culinary Coaching

Course Syllabus/ Description

Class Summary:

This ongoing culinary arts and nutritional program aims to bring awareness to the importance nutrient-dense, plant foods have on our health. Learn how to become an intuitive plant-based cook as you manipulate fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, oils, and spices. Explore cooking techniques, simple methods of eating, batch cooking, meal prepping, as well as a variety of gastronomies including Latin American, Italian, Middle Eastern, Asian Fusion, American, Raw Vegan, and more. Class focus will revolve around the creation of plant-based, gluten-free, soy-free, refined-free, preservative-free, zero animal product foods, creating an emphasis on resetting our body’s natural ability to nourish and thrive with natural, delicious plant foods.


Class Schedule & Pricing:

Day/Time: Mondays, 7 pm Eastern Time *Note Eastern time zone and adjust to corresponding time.

First Class: August 1st, 2022

Length: 90 minutes minim

Price: $35 per class

Enrollment Frequency:

Once a week


Once a month


Pre-recorded, self-study option also available for download.


Classes will be held via Zoom. *Being on camera is not required and is a personal decision

Basic kitchen equipment required.

Zero to basic cooking skills are required for this class.

Use of free Dropbox account

Who is encouraged to enroll:

  • Anyone ages Youth to Adult
  • Anyone interested in gaining a healthy knowledge of whole foods and their preparation methods.
  • Anyone interested in exploring whole food, plant-based cuisine.
  • Anyone interested in expanding their culinary experience.
  • Anyone interested in being a part of a nutritional support group.
  • Anyone interested in being a part of a group cooking class.

Support Group:

Weekly and Bi-Weekly students paying monthly will enjoy the free Plant-Based Reset WhatsApp Support Group with ongoing instructor/coaching support, group motivation, success stories, Q&A opportunities, opportunities to engage with anyone who is also learning how to cook, share recipes, nutritional knowledge, and more.

Plant-Based Reset WhatsApp Support Group is available for add-on of $20/month for students interested in classes only once a month, on a class-by-class basis, or without class enrollment.

Nutritional Coaching Consultations:
One-on-one consultations are available by appointment at a fee of $35 per session.

Cancellation Policy:

 Approximate minimum students per class are 10.

*Classes are subject to be postponed or canceled due to low enrollment, or unforeseen unavoidable circumstances such as instructor illness, natural disaster, etc. In those rare and unexpected circumstances, a credit for future classes will be given to the student, or other arrangements will be made.

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Our Instructors


Sara Salazar-Lopez 

Sophia Alexandra Lopez


Instructor Bio

Raw Philosophie |

raw\ˈrȯ: being in or nearly in the natural state: not processed or purified

raw /rô/ in its natural state; not yet processed or purified.


Sara Salazar-Lopez and Sophia Alexandra Lopez, the mother-daughter team with a flair for decadent plant-based cuisine, founded Raw Philosophie Plant-Based Culinary Coaching with the purpose of inspiring others to nourish and thrive through healthy and delicious plant-based foods. Their love for gastronomic creativity along with their refined palate is inspired by their fondest childhood memories in the kitchen, infused by their diverse culture and ethnic background, and brought to life through their travels, but always holding true to their core belief that food directly affects our health and wellbeing. Their favorite quote where “Raw Philosophie” is born was said by “The Father of Medicine” Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.