Ukulele Class For Children and Adults

We will help you get a good understanding of the ukulele, with a curriculum tailored for your level. Using popular songs, JW Original Songs, Kingdom Melodies and more, you will learn how to strum and pluck, read music and tabs, while also learning music theory along the way—everything you need in order to enjoy your instrument!

Our Instructors

Majsan Pellikka (Adults, 16+)

Majsan has been playing many instruments since childhood, and picked up the ukulele 10 years ago as an addition to guitar. It soon became a constant companion on her travels and she has now found her calling as a ukulele teacher.
WhatsApp: +46708174176

Lessons on Zoom
30-45 minute sessions
Group lessons: $20

One-on-one: $50
We’re based in Sweden, so our time zone is GMT+1 (EST+6). Therefore evening
classes in the US may be difficult, but we will do our best to accommodate your
schedule. Just get in touch and we will be happy to find a day and time that works for you!

Jo Hilmarsson (Children, 8-15*)

Jo developed a strong passion for music early on in life, played several musical
instruments growing up, and started taking vocal lessons as a teenager. She has
since then been busking and writing her own music. Now she’s happy to be teaching ukulele to children and young ones.

WhatsApp: +46703493588

*Children younger than 8, who are already
familiar with the instrument can enroll.