Videography 101

Course Syllabus/ Description

In the course Videography 101, we will learn the basics of the artistic craft of Video Editing. 

We will specifically be using the software Final Cut Pro X only on macOS. 

Final Cut Pro X is a cutting-edge professional video editing software that has been used in the Film Industry for years. Various professional films and TV shows use this to edit their projects. 

This course will cover the basic and fundamental aspects of what is arguably the most important process in the production of a Film, TV Show, or any kind of video…. The editing.

One filmmaker once commented that “The film is made in the editing room.” 

Below is a list of just some of what we will cover: 

  • Organize and analyze raw clips on Final Cut
  • Mastering the timeline and cutting the clips
  • Sound Design and Mixing
  • Color Palette and transitions
  • How to find a good pace and rhythm thematically for the video
  • How to Export the finished product
  • And much more!

We will go over everything on a technical level but most importantly on an artistic level as well. 

This course will be once a week, for about one hour, for 8 weeks.

The price is $35 a class. 

The next class starts June 2nd at 7:30pm Central time


Alex Santorineos

Our Instructors


Alexander Santorineos

Instructor Bio

Alexander Santorineos is a director and producer, known for The Chase (2019), Aerial Pioneers Presents: The Journey is the Reward (2019) and Aerial Pioneers: Short Aerial Film (2019) as well as an award winning video editor.

2023 Gold Telly Winner – Editing 
2023 Silver Telly Winner- Use of Music
2023 Silver Telly Winner – Use of Stock Footage

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Alexander Santorineos

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