Watercolor Painting

Class Description

There are 3 Classes available : 
1/ Bargue’s Plates Watercolor Class
This class will provide a solid foundation in drawing.
In-depth study of Bargue’s plates, which are excellent to learn drawing methods, design of shapes, and refinement. We will use watercolor for creating values (contrast and shadows).
2/ Watercolor Class
This class is focused on watercolor techniques.
The trained instructor will explain and show the basics of watercolor, then demonstrate step by step how to paint different subjects (landscape, still life, portraits). The students will practice each step after seeing a demonstration, so we could discuss encountered difficulties and how to solve them. At the end of the session, students will receive an assignment for the next week, based on materials covered in class, so they could practice at home.

The course is for beginners as well as advanced artists that want to improve their abilities in watercolors.

Week after week, we will go in-depth with watercolor techniques and general painting issues, as  Brush technics, Layers/Gradient, Colors theory, Effects (wet on wet/wet on dry/dry brush strokes), How to simplify forms, How to see values, How to use a limited palette, Edges (lost/soft/sharp), Composition.

We will also study masterpieces, for the students to expand their knowledge of Art History, and apply it to watercolor painting.

3/ Pen & Wash (Card Art) Class

This class will offer some drawing and painting instruction for creating art in a more modern and intuitive way. That kind of art is in-between pen drawing and watercolor painting and is often used for creating cards or for sketching architectures, landscapes, or objects in a sketchbook.
Each class will include around 5 students.
The classes are scheduled from 9am to 10:30am PST (11-12:30 CST/ 12am-1:30pm EST / 5-6:30pm UK / 6-7:30pm or 18-19h30 Europe).


1 to 6 months, 1:30h/ each week. Classes on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday 9-10:30 am PST.


Payment information :
Classes are $120/month.
Registration : https://acwatercolors.bigcartel.com/product/watercolor-class (Paypal or Credit Card available)

Our Instructors

Alain Crousse

My name is Alain (or Alan), I am a brother from France.
I used to paint with watercolors for years now, and love to paint in studio or “Plein-air” (outside).
I teach 3 different classes : Card Art / Bargue’s Drawing & Wash / Traditionnal Watercolor

ou can see some of my paintings & classes demonstration here : https://acwatercolors.com https://www.instagram.com/ac.watercolors/

Contact InfoMail :

croussealain@gmail.com / Whatsapp : +33 601041829

Payment Methods

Paypal or Credit Card