Learn Web Design in 8 Weeks

Course Syllabus/ Description

This 8 week course is designed to teach students the fundamentals of building websites using WordPress, the most popular web design platform in use today. Students will get hands-on experience as well as learning the basic principles of good design.

Students will need a laptop or desktop computer with internet connection. Additionally having a separate tablet that can be used to connect to Zoom is helpful. Basic computer literacy is required. No prior experience or knowledge is necessary.

Schedule & Cost:
The course runs once per week for 8 weeks and costs $40 per lesson. Payments can be made in advance 4 weeks at a time.

Classes currently run Wednesdays at 7:30pm Eastern Time. Use the form below to complete enrollment.


Do you teach coding?

I do not teach coding during the 8 week course. Instead I focus on learning to build websites visually. I do offer an advanced 6 month course for graduates of the 8 weeks. The advanced course includes lessons in HTML and CSS.

Are there any extra expenses associated with the course?

You will need to purchase a web hosting account. Costs vary depending on your needs or preferences. 

When does the next class start?

I have a class starting Wednesday Nov 16 at 7:30pm Eastern Time. If you miss the start of this class, I can arrange another class Wednesdays at 8:30pmEST if 3 or more students enroll.

Can I earn a Living designing websites?

To a large extent that depends on you! I’ve personally earned a living and supported my family for over a decade working part time from home while pioneering.

Our Instructors


James Wallace

Instructor Bio

James started designing websites over 25 years ago. Since then he has been the lead designer for 2 web design agencies, and built his own business www.jazzyfrog.com. James has used the skills he has acquired over more than 2 decades to design and develop over 100 unique websites.

These days James can be found at home in Fishkill NY with his wife, son, and two cats. 

Contact Info

James Wallace

Payment Methods

Paypal, Zelle, Cash App, Venmo