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Gabriele Bentley

Gabriele Bentley has always loved art. Growing up in a small mountain town, she was privileged to be raised by parents who nursed her inborn love of the natural world, and it’s designer. Based on her artwork as a young person, she earned a Scholarship to the Savana Collage of Art and Design, a full scholarship to an other school of her choice and an offer of private patronage with no apparent limitations, among other opportunities. She did not pursue art in that way, however, and enjoyed drafting for her father (a skilled architect, and many say, artist) and further exploring the world through volunteer work.

Gabriele is enthusiastic about many forms of art, but is especially drawn to art that highlights the beauty and scientific complexity of nature, encourages the observer to see the world or something in it in a new way, expresses an undeniable truth or evokes powerful emotions. Gabriele, who has a B.A. in education, loves teaching all subjects and has taught in several venues including private tutoring and lessons, homeschool for her own children and other families and a charter Montessori school. She is grateful for the opportunity to study and teach at Ode to Art Academy. She loves working with all ages and skill levels and is exited to start a new learning journey with you.

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Lindy Maio

Lindy is a graphic designer with over 25 years experience. In recent years she has changed her focus to fine arts. Charcoal, acrylic, oil, and digital painting are her areas of specialty. As an artist with three young children, offering an art program that would provide the most extensive, rounded out foundation in the arts for young artists was a priority for her. She developed the multi-year Young Artist course in drawing, anatomy, portraiture, color theory, and digital training for her own children and hundreds of other young artists. She considers it a joy to teach enthusiastic young artists and looks forward to the day when they give her tours of their work in the art department!

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Instagram: @LindyMaioArt

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Eunice Gomes

I have always been captivated by how form, color, and palette come together in unique and distinct ways. I especially enjoy observing and interpreting the grand artistry of nature.

Coming from a family of artisans, creating, capturing, and reproducing images and concepts on a variety of mediums, was a way of life. During my college courses, I continued to hone my artistic skills and technique.

Then, as a student at the School of Fashion Design in Boston, MA, I came to appreciate the subtleties of the human form. And the nuances one needs to take into account when transferring a sketch design concept into select materials with all its hues and colors.

My studies have included the style and techniques of the Masters, the Bargue Method along with graphic art.

My desire is that my passion for art and the joy I have for sharing it can aid others to learn and progress along with myself in growing as an artist.

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Instagram: @HoneycombByLindy

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Yuliana Duran

I’ve loved and enjoyed painting since I was a child. I took my first painting course when I was 11 years old, and since then painting has become my favorite hobby. I started with charcoal, next pastel, and then oil. I have been trained by Ed Salazar for over two years, and have worked as an art instructor for over a year. I enjoy teaching all who want to enjoy drawing and are willing to see for themselves the learning capacity of our brain.

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Iliana nwokolo

Iliana has a love for art that has developed from a young age. Although she has an Associates of Art Degree in Interior Design, she enjoys learning different forms of art and design. Iliana is a natural teacher who tailors to her students individual needs. She believes anyone can be an artist and enjoys teaching them the techniques to improve their skills.

Iliana currently resides in Washington with her husband. She enjoys hiking in the many landscapes the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

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The Young Artists course is designed to nurture young artists’ talent with training and practice based on the same Bargue drawing methods taught by the Masters! This course is designed for minors who enjoy art but don’t yet have the discipline to complete the multi-hour assignments of our regular Bargue drawing course independently.
1-hour classes with an Ode 2 Art Academy drawing instructor are held every other week, allowing time for students to complete age-appropriate assignments in between. Progressive lessons drawing with the instructor are designed to improve drawing accuracy and create realistic drawings. Students are encouraged to complete the entire 3-year curriculum but may cancel at any time. First year students will learn tonal values, realistic shading, perspective, scale, proportion, line types and how to draw a variety of textures, landscapes, everyday objects, animals, and still life. Second year students progress to learn anatomy (no nudes), portraiture, and color study with paint. Third year students who have a firm understanding of traditional art then move on to the in-demand digital platform.



Payment is made monthly, $25/class.