5-Class Intro. to Drawing Workshop-April 2023

We’re excited to announce that our next Introduction to Drawing Workshop has been scheduled for April 2023! In an effort to accommodate students of varying time zones, this Workshop will be offered for 5 consecutive Saturdays. at 4pm EDT (1pm PDT, 2pm MDT, 3pm CDT,...

NEW TOUR: The Divine Name Through the Ages

STARTING FEBRUARY. There is no greater name than the personal name of the grand Creator. What historical and archeological evidence is there of its existence? Who were the first humans to ever use it? What evidence is that it belongs in modern day Bible translations?...

2023 New features:  Blog  &  Calendar of Events

2023 New features: Blog & Calendar of Events

The Ode 2 Art Academy is happy to announce the new features to the website: The blog and calendar of events! We hope this will make it easier for you to see which classes are featured and which events are scheduled for the month. Thank you for your support and...

New Features

New Features

Ode 2 Art has two brand new features: A blog with articles on art, classes, tips, and more, and our new Events Calendar feature that shows you the times and dates of upcoming events.

Classes Start April 1st.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is the Pre-requisite to join the Beginners Art Course
Many students go on to attend our regular Bargue drawing course after completing the Workshop. However, some have requested a class format similar to the Workshop (where students draw along with the artist instructor), a greater variety of drawing subjects, assignments that take less time to complete, less critique, and an expanded curriculum. This new class is designed to meet this request! Each online class is structured to teach from a broad range of lessons, then students start a new drawing in class with the instructor to apply the lesson. Brief personalized feedback is provided as desired.
The Intro2drawing (5 day workshop)I

Be amazed at what you can achieve in 5days!

This five-day, one-hour daily workshop is designed to introduce students to drawing fundamentals in an accelerated setting. Students will learn to identify various line types (the building blocks of all drawings) and practice improving their motor skills to produce these lines. Next, students will learn to decompose complex images into simple shapes, then refine them to accurately recreate the outline of a subject. A lesson in values, light, and shadows will help the student learn to render the drawing into a more three-dimensional representation of the subject.

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